How To Get Your Love Back: Quick Tips to Get Your Ex Back Effortlessly and Build a Beautiful Relationship

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Have you just had your heart broken? Does your partner act like he or she doesn’t love you anymore? Do you feel like you’re the only one trying? Are you and your partner constantly at war with one another?

Is there any love left to salvage?

If you’ve picked up this book then either you fear your relationship is about to end or one of you has already called it quits. Despite which circumstance it may be, you are in the midst of a relationship transition.This book is split into 3 primary sections:

Section 1: Just Answer Me This... What Do You Want?

In this section I cover what men desires, what women craves and what YOU truly want and need in your life. It's important to know what you want, not only from the viewpoint of a broken-hearted lover, but what you truly require from relationships in general. This is also the place to do some soul-searching and find out what went wrong in your current or past relationship.

Section 2: So You Want Your Love Back... Let’s Get Started!

You might very well decide you want your lover back. Sometimes we just know who we want to be with. In this section I'll provide you with a simple plan you can follow that will help you re-capture your lover's heart again.

Section 3: The Secret to Attracting True Love

In this section I'll be diving into some key tips about attracting men or women. You can use this section to attract Mr or Mrs Right or as a way of wooing your lover back. It can be used in conjunction with Section 2.

Conclusion: Where to from here?

A summary of what I want you to take away from this book and how you can start changing your life right now.
... Alright, now that you have a brief overview, let's get started!

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