Start Making Money From Your First Sales Funnel: Practical Strategies To Set Up Your Very First Profitable Sales Funnel

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This book is a step-by-step guide that teaches you how to construct your very first sales funnel at every step of the way. Topics covered include: How To Set Up Your First Profit Pulling Sales Funnel, Squeeze Pages, A Simple Squeeze Page Sample, Entry Points, Freebies, $1 Offers, Low Price Offers, Upsells, Cross Sells, One Time Offers, Repackaging Products, Repurposing Products, Downsells, Recurring Income Products and Services, Leading the Customer Upwards through Different Price Points, Incorporating Affiliate Products into Your Sales FunnelLeading the Customer up through Different Price Points, Sales Funnel Super Tips, Sales Funnel Mistakes, Collecting Opt-Ins, Building Your Prospects List and Buyers List, Separating the Two Lists, Tools and Resources, Autoresponder Basics, Payment Processors, Incorporating an Affiliate Program, and more!

Product comes as an eBook in PDF format and is available for download instantly upon purchase.

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