The Shadow Banking System: An Economics, Ethical and Regulatory Discourse

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This paper seeks to address the following research questions of interest:

1. Address the relationship of geometric distributive injustice in the shadow banking system, and its in the run-up to the financial crisis

2. Address why the shadow banking sector allowed became a hotbed for adverse selection to occur

3. Uncover how the ‘merger’ of the shadow banking industry and the government can actually lead to better societal outcomes, justifying the utilitarian ethics point of view of draconian policies by the FDIC

4. Introduce an alternative financial framework that attempts to address the “too-big-to-fail” mentality by institutions involved in the shadow banking industry, the success of which can eliminate a series of morale hazards

In the course of achieving the aims above, the usage of various ethical tools such as Aristotle’s Geometric Justice analysis, structural tools such as the Meta-Theory- Internal-Logic model and economic concepts such as the calculation of externalities, seek to highlight in depth the inner workings of the shadow banking system.

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