The Minimalist Lifestyle: How To Get More Out of Your Life, With Less Stuff

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The Minimalist Lifestyle: How To Get More Out of Your Life, With Less Stuff

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What is a minimalist lifestyle? There’s a simple answer and a complicated answer. The simple answer: it means having less stuff, doing less and generally ‘get-ting back to basics’.


The complicated answer? It ultimately comes down to a change in your mindset. It comes down an understanding that you can get fulfillment and happiness by having less going on rather than more – and that living more simply is not only better for your mental health but also better for your finances, your family, your health and the environment!


It’s not just you. It’s all of us. We are all being manipulated by our politics and by big companies that want to get more money from us. This is what keeps the economy ticking over and what keeps certain people wealthy and it all comes down to our strange de-sire to have more.

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video5 Easy Things You Can Do Today to Declutter Your Home2 m 35 s Start
videoHow Minimalism Helps to Reduce Stress2 m 36 s Start
videoHow to Declutter Your Mind and Prevent Information Overload2 m 39 s Start
videoHow to Fight The Urge to Buy Unnecessary Stuff2 m 48 s Start
videoHow to Implement Minimalism into Work and Business2 m 51 s Start
videoHow to Travel the World as a Minimalist2 m 34 s Start
videoQuality over Quantity2 m 43 s Start
videoTop 5 Books and Documentaries about Minimalism2 m 46 s Start
videoWhat is a Minimalist Lifestyle?2 m 45 s Start
videoWhy Less is More2 m 39 s Start

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