The Gratitude Plan: Your Step-By-Step Plan To Achieving Greatness Using The Power of Gratitude

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The Gratitude Plan: Your Step-By-Step Plan To Achieving Greatness Using The Power of Gratitude

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By showing gratitude, you not only affect others around you by making them feel welcomed and appreciated but you also show your kindness and thankfulness and that goes a long way.

When you’re happy with the things you have, you are content and at peace. In this course, you will discover the many benefits of gratitude including how it can be learned, how to strengthen your relationships and friendships, the effects of meditation, how to become more optimistic and energized, how to find more meaning in life, how to socialize better and much more. Gratitude is a quality that everyone possesses if we reach in deep enough but it’s just not shown nearly enough in a world where people are overly judgmental and have a me-first attitude. When you appreciate people more, you become more magnetic and more charming. By harnessing the power of gratitude, you will see all aspects of your life elevate in a positive way including your success. It has the power to heal you, to empower you, and to motivate you.

You’re going to see the real benefits of gratitude in this extensive video course and how it can truly help you. When you’re ready, hit the download button.

Course content

video3 Reasons Why Gratitude Can Change Your Life Start
video4 Popular Gratitude Exercises to Boost Your Happiness2 m 21 s Start
video5 Proven Benefits of Gratitude to Motivate You2 m 28 s Start
video5 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude in Your Life2 m 22 s Start
video5 Ways Gratitude Can Heal You2 m 37 s Start
video5 Ways to Achieve Greatness Through Gratitude2 m 24 s Start
videoHow to Keep a Gratitude Journal and Be Thankful All Year2 m 33 s Start
videoHow to Practice Gratitude Today2 m 18 s Start
videoSimple Ways You Can Practice Gratitude2 m 11 s Start
videoWhy Gratitude is Important to Practice2 m 35 s Start

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Dr Tan Kwan Hong

Dr Tan Kwan Hong

International Speaker, Professor, Author

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Having conducted live speeches and workshops to more than 1.5 million people and 1100 organizations in 50 countries, Dr. Tan Kwan Hong is one of the most sought-after speakers in Asia. Kwan Hong is often invited to conduct communication skills and business skills workshops, and has won multiple best trainer awards for these topics. He also holds multiple doctoral degrees in philosophy and business. For more information, please visit