Practical Mentalism: Tapping the Power of Your Mind for Everyday Victory

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Practical Mentalism: Tapping the Power of Your Mind for Everyday Victory

About Course

We’re born to conform to society’s standards and to live our lives the way we’re expected by others. By doing so, we fail to recognize what makes us special and how we truly differ from one another.

As much as we don’t even think about it, it’s our mindset and how we think which is what creates the reality we live in. Our parents probably put expectations on us from birth to do really well in college, become successful, get married, have a family and live a decent life. The unknown is that no parent really can tell what their child is destined for in life. Everyone has a talent and many times their talents go unfounded because they are under pressure simply to survive in life rather than having the courage and the will to truly discover their passion. The reality is that one should live and live carefully and just be comfortable.

Trying to break out of these virtual chains and find your true destiny isn’t easy in a world where you’re having to please everyone around you. In this guide, you will discover how to really see the reality of the world, how to get out of your blind state and snap out of this one dimensional thinking we’re born with, how to move away from society’s perception and find your true self and much more. Maybe you’ve achieved your destiny or maybe you were born to do something more that shapes the world and gives you happiness. Or perhaps you’re content with what you have.

This video course will help you recognize what you want out of your life a little better and help you to see more outside of the tunnel vision we’re all raised with. Get it now.

Course content

videoIntroduction2 m 56 s Start
videoPeel Back the Curtains and You'll See the Reality of Your Life6 m 21 s Start
videoOur Lives are Intentional4 m 50 s Start
videoToo Many of Us Choose to Be Blind4 m Start
videoThe Core of Mentalism3 m 31 s Start
videoAll Stimuli are Neutral5 m 55 s Start
videoChange Your Mental Filter5 m 40 s Start
videoChange Your Mental Habits9 m 3 s Start
videoChange Your Emotional Response Habits4 m 42 s Start
videoChange Your Reality Through Changed Actions5 m 34 s Start
videoConclusion41 s Start

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Dr Tan Kwan Hong

Dr Tan Kwan Hong

International Speaker, Professor, Author

Course Instructor

Having conducted live speeches and workshops to more than 1.5 million people and 1100 organizations in 50 countries, Dr. Tan Kwan Hong is one of the most sought-after speakers in Asia. Kwan Hong is often invited to conduct communication skills and business skills workshops, and has won multiple best trainer awards for these topics. He also holds multiple doctoral degrees in philosophy and business. For more information, please visit