Motivation Power: Quick Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Life

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Motivation Power: Quick Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Life

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Those who achieve great things in life in any discipline have the fire known as motivation keeping them going to fuel them no matter their situation. Motivation is the one ingredient that you don’t need to be born with or blessed with in order to achieve the things you want. Motivation is an element you can develop if you want to. Many people who watch their lives go by and only dream of the things they wished they could have but do nothing to achieve them are lacking motivation.

It’s ingrained in our being to be lazy. To get the most out of life by putting in the least. Only when our backs are against the wall do we find the motivation to make a change. The great thing is that we all have that fire within us. It just so happens to be dormant and we feel no reason or need to bring out that motivation because we are comfortable as we are. It’s been said that real change happens once you leave your comfort zone. That means you need the motivation to do so. In this video series, you’re going to learn how to ignite your motivation levels to get everything you want out of life.

You’ll learn what motivation is all about, what causes it to get low at times, how to develop goals, how to bring out your motivation levels, certain tasks you can do to boost your motivation, how to keep it going, various habits you can implement to stay motivated and much more. Those who lack passion for anything in life are destined to stay where they are. But if you have a vision of wanting to achieve more then motivation is what will help you to reach there. This video series will show you the way so when you’re ready, hit the download button.

Course content

videoIntroduction1 m 11 s Start
videoWhat Really is Motivation?5 m 26 s Start
videoPossible Causes of Low Motivation Levels5 m 37 s Start
videoHow to Set Goals that will Motivate You9 m 33 s Start
videoFinding a Motivation Source that will Work for You4 m 41 s Start
videoGreat Tactics to Increase Your Motivation Levels5 m 3 s Start
videoTips for a Quick Motivational Boost6 m 25 s Start
videoHow to Sustain Your Motivation Levels4 m 36 s Start
videoThe Best Motivational Habits4 m 51 s Start
videoMotivation Best Practices2 m 40 s Start
videoConclusion45 s Start

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Dr Tan Kwan Hong

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