Modern Affiliate Marketing

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Modern Affiliate Marketing

About Course

Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful methods in the online marketing industry for good reason. It’s so simple and so rewarding when you have significant targeted traffic coming in with the intention to buy.

But setting it all up to reach that point takes some know-how and a little elbow grease and you’re going to get that knowledge in this powerful video course. If you’re not aware of how this business model works, it’s very simple. You simply sign up with any number of powerful affiliate networks and promote their products through your own affiliate links which you can place in your emails, newsletters, social media pages or website. From there, anytime somebody clicks on your links and buys, you get a commission.

When you have enough customers making purchases, it can really add up. Many big marketers are making 6 figures per year just through affiliate marketing alone. When it works, it’s like magic. In this video course, you will discover the key strategies on how to kill it with this business model. You’ll learn how to pick the best niches based on Return on Investment, how to rank your website with proper SEO, how to implement social media, how to use forums and Q&A platforms and much more.

Just like anything in business, it all comes down to your ROI and you’re going to get the best education in the Affiliate Marketing space with this video set.

Course content

videoIntroduction56 s Start
videoPicking Your Niches Based On ROI And Other Crucial Factors4 m 51 s Start
videoPicking The Right Affiliate Program To Maximize Conversions4 m 32 s Start
videoHow To Create Niche-Focused Conversion Systems9 m 2 s Start
videoTraffic Generation Strategies: Category 1 - Direct Traffic To Your Link6 m 24 s Start
videoTraffic Generation Strategies: Category 2 - SEO (Backlinks)2 m 19 s Start
videoTraffic Generation Strategies: Category 3 - Social Media8 m 33 s Start
videoTraffic Generation Strategies: Category 4 - Forums4 m 37 s Start
videoTraffic Generation Strategies: Category 5 - Question And Answer Platforms2 m 33 s Start
videoTraffic Generation Strategies: Category 6 - Third-Party Blog Traffic1 m 58 s Start
videoTraffic Optimization Strategies10 m 37 s Start
videoConclusion1 m 51 s Start

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Dr Tan Kwan Hong

Dr Tan Kwan Hong

International Speaker, Professor, Author

Course Instructor

Having conducted live speeches and workshops to more than 1.5 million people and 1100 organizations in 50 countries, Dr. Tan Kwan Hong is one of the most sought-after speakers in Asia. Kwan Hong is often invited to conduct communication skills and business skills workshops, and has won multiple best trainer awards for these topics. He also holds multiple doctoral degrees in philosophy and business. For more information, please visit