FOCUS: How To Focus In a Noisy and Distracted World

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FOCUS: How To Focus In a Noisy and Distracted World

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Discover The Tips and Strategies To Stay Focused In a World Full of Distractions

In this course, you’ll learn the very steps that highly productive people use to stay focused and get more done.

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, it has become a standard that the average work day lasts 8 hours.

Using these numbers, the average person will spend 90,000 hours, or 1/3 of their life, working. That is a shocking amount of time to work.

Still, other reports have shown that the average office worker is only productive for about 3 hours a day. From both the employer and employee perspective, this is incredibly worrisome.

If you could be more productive, you wouldn’t have to work as much, and the employers wouldn’t have to pay for you to sit on your cell phone.


The Noisy World Makes it Difficult To Stay Focused

If you have ever had any job, you know exactly why it is hard to stay focused in today’s era. It seems that the world we live in is noisier and more distracting than ever. There is constant noise, whether it come from a co-worker or a car horn outside.

At the same time, this post COVID-19 pandemic has everyone stressed from the beginning of the day. As a result, it seems next to impossible to remain focused for 8 hours a day.

To make matters worse, the modern era is flooded with devices and digital appliances. Although these devices are certainly helpful for a number of reasons, they are major time wasters and distraction suckers.

Based on a study that ran between 2014 and 2021, the average US adult spends 3 hours and 54 minutes on their phone a day. More so, these studies report that phone usage increases during the work day, as opposed to weekends.

These facts tell us that cell phones pose a real threat to our ability to focus and concentrate.


Devices Don’t Help

Between the busy world and constantly beeping cell phone in your pocket, it may seem impossible to stay focused throughout the day. Although it certainly is a challenge to stay focused in this noisy and distracted world, it’s not impossible. With the proper guidance and time management tips, you can learn helpful techniques for staying focused, even when the world around you is noisy.

That’s why we created an informative guide on staying focused in the modern era. With the help of this guide, you can learn how to stay focused in this noisy, distracted, and digital world.

Course content

video4 Ways To Use Technology Productively3 m 50 s Start
video5 Tips For Staying Focused3 m 53 s Start
video5 Tips For Staying Focused Even When You Don't Feel Like It3 m 29 s Start
video5 Ways For Staying Mindful And Focused3 m 32 s Start
videoCreating A Work Ritual To Get You Focused3 m 33 s Start
videoHow To Create The Perfect Environment For Staying Focused3 m 24 s Start
videoHow To Train Your Brain To Stay Focused3 m 37 s Start
videoShould You Single-Task or Multi-Task?3 m 25 s Start
videoThe Best Work-Break Ratio According To Science3 m 32 s Start
videoWhat You Do During Your Free Time Determines Your Productivity3 m 18 s Start
videoThe Influencer Cheat Sheet Start
videoFOCUS (Training Guide) Start
videoFocus (Checklist) Start
videoFOCUS (Resource Cheat Sheet) Start
videoFOCUS (Mindmap) Start
videoImprove Your Mental Focus (eBook) Start

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