Dominate Your Year: The Step-By-Step Guide To Finally Crushing Your Goals And Reaching New Heights

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Dominate Your Year: The Step-By-Step Guide To Finally Crushing Your Goals And Reaching New Heights

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Planning goals is only one part of your road towards success and becoming a better version of yourself. Nothing is achieved if there’s no action taken to make your goals a reality. Once you know what you really want out of life, you need that nudge to motivate you to get you going.

It’s been said that only 10% of people, if that, ever achieve their goals. Reason being that people are so comfortable or stuck in their present way of living. And anything else that requires their time or effort outside of their day to day norm is more of a nuisance which is better brushed aside just because they can’t be bothered. And this is despite the fact that they want to be successful or reach their goals. There’s a reason why people get fed up and bored after a short while when they don’t see results. But when you set small milestones and achieve them little by little, it’s far easier to stay focused and motivated. In this video series, you will receive 10 training videos to help you along. You’ll discover important steps to take on the way to your end goal, creating a plan of action, moving faster towards your goals, understanding your purpose in life, getting into the right mindset, staying full focused, and much more.

There’s no turning back when you commit. That’s a promise you need to make to yourself because you own it to yourself to be successful. Get this amazing video series now and move forward full steam.

Course content

video3 Important Steps for Accomplishing Your Goals2 m 41 s Start
video4 Simple Tips for Setting Powerful Goals2 m 34 s Start
video5 Easy Steps for Reaching Your Hardest Goals2 m 36 s Start
videoCreating an Action Plan to Achieve Your Goals2 m 39 s Start
videoHow to Accelerate Your Goals and Achieve Them Faster3 m 13 s Start
videoHow to Achieve Any Goal2 m 52 s Start
videoHow to Discover Your Life's Purpose2 m Start
videoHow to Program Your Mind for Success2 m 56 s Start
videoHow to Stay Focused When Setting Your Goals2 m 59 s Start
videoThe Essential Keys to Becoming an Elite Goal Setter2 m 41 s Start

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Dr Tan Kwan Hong

Dr Tan Kwan Hong

International Speaker, Professor, Author

Course Instructor

Having conducted live speeches and workshops to more than 1.5 million people and 1100 organizations in 50 countries, Dr. Tan Kwan Hong is one of the most sought-after speakers in Asia. Kwan Hong is often invited to conduct communication skills and business skills workshops, and has won multiple best trainer awards for these topics. He also holds multiple doctoral degrees in philosophy and business. For more information, please visit