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Hi! I am Dr. Tan Kwan Hong from Singapore! 

I teach internet marketing courses and coach people to build their online businesses and create wealth. I have also written books and created courses on peak performance strategies and personal success. Let me teach you what I know. Get certified too!

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Why Choose Us?

These courses are designed for busy professionals and entrepreneurs who want results fast! 

These courses are also beginner-friendly, and are suitable for non-native speakers of the English Language. 

These courses are designed on micro-learning principles, and adopted a  competency-based methodology.

In other words, you can learn skills quickly, build competencies easily, and apply these strategies expeditiously!

Once you purchase a course, you may email us for a certificate, or complete a 100-word essay to download your certificate.

Three Categories of Courses and Books You Will Find Here

Վիկտորիա Մալայան

Personal Success, Peak Performance and Self-Help

For Self:
Become Better, Happier and Successful!

Motivation, Meditation and Mindfulness, Time Management, Productivity, Peak Performance, Psychology, Mindset Change, Law of Attraction, Affirmations, Goal Setting, Mental Resilience, Happiness, Self-Care, Emotional Intelligence, Finding Passion and Purpose, and more!

Դանիելա Մարգարյան

Internet Marketing 
and Online Wealth Creation

For Entrepreneurs/Marketers:
Build Passive Income Online!

Online Business Creation, Passive Income, Work From Home Digital Business, Traffic Generation, Search Engine Optimisation, Web Development, Funnel Marketing, Viral Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Article Marketing, and more!


Business, Management 
and Leadership

For Professionals/Executives:
Become a Better Leader and Manager!

Leadership, Management, Human Resource, Talent Management, Organisational Development, Public Speaking, Career Guidance, Team Work, Corporate Coaching, Corporate Culture, Business Productivity, Business Strategy, Corporate Marketing Strategy, and more!

What our Students Say

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I have just completed four courses on internet marketing. I can confidently say that all the knowledge I have acquired is applicable and useful. Courses are affordable and easily accessible. I can learn-on-the-go! I definitely recommend everyone to sign up now. Keep on learning!

Մարի ԴարդանյանJessica Lim
Marketing Executive

I enjoyed the course and learned a lot. Having no knowledge on how to build my first online business, I attended several courses and launched my first business within two weeks. I am grateful for the knowledge learned and will definitely recommend these courses to anyone who needs guidance. Thank you Dr. Tan for your support!

Վանեսա ՄունանյանKelly Davis
Serial Entrepreneur

I love the way these courses were designed and delivered. The instructions were clear and straight-to-the-point. Furthermore, the instructor, Dr. Tan, was helpful in supporting me in my learning journey. Highly recommended! I will definitely apply these skills learned.

Մարիա ՎարդանյանJennifer Wong
MBA Student

These are some of the BEST online courses I have ever joined. I learned so much about personal success principles and digital marketing after completing several courses over a six-month period. The knowledge I gained helped me to land a job in one of the most desirable companies in the market. Most happy to learn from Dr. Tan!

authorSophie Williams
Business Development Manager